Great Decisions: US Global Engagement and the Military

Event Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Event Time: 5:00 pm 
Event Category / Group: Classes and Seminars Committee / Committee Meetings

 Jon Olson is a retired US Navy commander, and a graduate of Washburn High School and the Naval Academy. Olson served as a naval intelligence officer before retiring at the rank of commander in 2011. He participated in operations around the world, including Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. He saw service in the US Navy in clandestine Human Intelligence collection as a CIA-trained case officer. Since his retirement, Olson has co-authored two novels and a feature-length screenplay, and has two more books in process.

The United States is at a turning point when it comes to global engagement and the role of its military. Some argue for an “America First” philosophy, with a large military to match. Some favor a more traditional multilateral leadership. And still others champion restraint and cautious cooperation with emerging powers. What is the role of the US military force, arms sales and security assistance? How does US foreign policy impact strategic engagement?

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