Tuesday Program: A Godfrey Friends Program, Don Beimborn: Feather Merchants

Event Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Event Time: 11:00 am 

Don Beimborn married into the Womanís Club in 1984. He wed Mary L. Paulson, part of a family Club members going back three generations. Don originally came from Milwaukee to go to graduate school at the University of Minnesota for a Ph.D. in ecology. Later he worked for the Science Museum of Minn. and for a college textbook publisher. Donís interest in birds goes back to an incident when he was about six and saw a scarlet tanager and a Baltimore oriole in the same tree. Even at that age, he knew what species they were. Don spent a lot of the rest of his life looking at and studying birds and taking photos.

Maryís grandfather owned the Bradshaw Bros. millinery business, located on First Street in downtown Minneapolis. The company was a great success until about 1929. Don will tell us what happened to the company and tell stories about the feather business, fashion statements and interesting birds. 

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