Celebrating Upstanders Gala

Event Date: Monday, May 14, 2018
Event Time: 7:00 pm 
Event End Time: 9:00 pm 

This champagne and dessert gala celebrates World Without Genocide, an organization directed by club member Dr. Ellen Kennedy at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. The gala honors individuals and programs advancing justice.

Dr. Taner Akçam is the honoree.

He is a Turkish-American historian and sociologist, an authority on the Armenian Genocide, and a human rights leader. He holds the Chair in Armenian Genocide Studies at Clark University. In 1977 he was imprisoned by the Turkish government for criticizing injustices in Turkey and the treatment of minorities. He was adopted as a ‘prisoner of conscience’ by Amnesty International. He escaped from prison and received asylum in Germany, where he obtained citizenship and resided until 2000. Akçam’s book, “Killing Orders: Talat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide,” documents the Ottoman government’s role in eliminating the Armenian population, which Turkish leaders deny.

When Hitler’s supporters questioned Nazi attempts to exterminate Europe’s Jews, Hitler said, “Who, today, remembers the Armenians?” The symbol of remembering the Armenian genocide is the forget-me-not flower. Join us in celebrating Dr. Akçam for standing up against forgetting and denial.

The event is open to the public. Tickets: $55 apiece, $500 for a table of 10.

Reservations by May 7 at www.worldwithoutgenocide.org/gala.

Questions? Contact Ellen J. Kennedy, Ph.D. (kennedy@worldwithoutgenocide.org or 651-695-7621).

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